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LGBRC Saturday Ride 5/14: Mt Winery, Hwy 9, Skyline, Bear Creek, Hwy 9

May 14, 2022 @ 8:30 am - 2:00 pm

For full graphics, go to Google Docs version.

Google Docs version

Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club / Group Event 

 RIDEWITHGPS    Strava          Route Peet’s Start to Mountain WInery

This is a great route that’s the clockwise variation of a common route. This features the exhilarating rollicking, rolling descent from Castle Rock to Bear Creek. Just remember to stay well to the right on the blind single lane corners. If a car comes around here  and you’re in the middle of the road, that’d be bad.

This ride was done before in January 2015, and took 3:45 min moving time, maybe 4:15 total time. Figure back by 1 PM if all goes well.  

 As Bear Creek makes a T on Highway 9, take a left into town to Boulder Creek American Gas. Returning on Highway 9 at Skyline, there ought to be slower and faster element regroups.

Big climbs spell separation.  The main group should wait a decent interval at Hwy 9/Skyline, and subsequent stops.  Riders finding the main group’s moved on, should form an element and press on.  Maybe to catch up at Boulder Creek.


  • Mt Winery
  • Highway 9/Skyline Road.
  • Skyline/Bear Creek Road
  • Boulder Creek Gas Station (Privy/Water)(turn left)
  • Highway 9/Skyline Road (optional)
  • Big Basin Way/6th Street (optional)

Shorter Alternative (38 miles, 4400 ft climbing), descend OSC to Lexington:

Mt Winery, Hwy 9, Skyline, Old Santa Cruz, LGCT   

The weather’s perfect both in Los Gatos and Boulder Creek.

When: 8:30 AM 

Where:  Two start locations, one ride.

Here’s the view featuring Mt. Winery rendezvous.


Name Distance Elev. Diff. Avg. Grade
Pierce Rd – Mt Eden to Winery (safe) 0.62 mi 282 ft 8.5%
Pierce Road (the whole steep part) 0.19 mi 114 ft 10.9%
Hwy 9 – Pierce to Top 5.43 mi 1,908 ft 6.6%
Hwy 9 Climb – Bridge to Redwood Gulch 2.26 mi 745 ft 6.2%
Hwy 9 Climb – Redwood Gulch to Skyline 3.00 mi 1,122 ft 7.0%
Highway 9 (Bear Creek to 35) 13.21 mi 2,076 ft 3.0%
Hwy 9 Descent – Skyline to Saratoga 6.78 mi 2,088 ft -5.8%
Hwy 9 Descent – Skyline to Redwood Gulch 3.01 mi 1,100 ft -6.9%
Hwy 9 Descent – Speed Trap 0.25 mi 86 ft -6.5%
Hwy 9 Descent – Pierce to Saratoga 1.15 mi 189 ft -3.1%


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