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LGBRC Saturday Ride 5/28: SJ-Soquel, Capitola, Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, Mt. Charlie

May 28, 2022 @ 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

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Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club / Group Event 

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It’s cool to go to Capitola, but initially we struggled with finding a good way back, originally taking Soquel Road, which is road rash.  The solutions were to go up Rodeo, and this route, which goes along Cliff Drive on the beach. Cliff Drive is one way towards Capitola, so the solution is to take the bike path, which can be crowded, but has a fun California beach vibe.

The moving time was 3 hrs 50 min, elapsed time 5 hrs.  So back to Los Gatos figure around 1-1:30.

Here’s how it goes along the beach:



It’s at East Cliff Drive that we transition to the bike path.

We’ll ride on the multi-use path on the left, weaving in between pedestrians, etc, because Cliff Drive is one way towards Capitola.  This isn’t exactly race training, but it is fun and scenic.

What makes this route is the secret passage through a bike path Buena Vista Ave, to emerge on S Branciforte Ave.  Be on the lookout for that path.


Regroups are:


Those wanting to avoid the Los Gatos Creek Trail can perform the Shahram Shuttle™:


   Shahram Shuttle™ to avoid LGCT.

1. Have bike in car, or bum ride from someone with car and room.

2. Park car across street from LGCRC.

3. Hang out at LGCRC at ride start, with helmet on, as if you’re going to ride.

4. When ride starts, saunter casually over to your car, and drive South on Hwy 17 to first exit Bear Creek Rd., then go South on 17 to Alma Bridge Rd.

5. Park on street nearby where LGCT ends at the Dam. Don’t tarry. It takes riders as little as 10 minutes to traverse the 1.7 miles from LG to Lexington.

6. Be all set, and await riders as they emerge.  At ride’s end, put bike in car at Lexington, and drive down to LG to coffee shop to hang out apres ride.

Capitola mt chas map.jpg



When: 8:30 AM Saturday March 26th

Where:  Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company, 101 W Main Street LG




Elev. Diff.

Avg. Grade

Los Gatos to Summit Rd.

9.9 mi

1,245 ft


Alma Bridge to Old Santa Cruz Hwy

0.9 mi

260 ft


Old Santa Cruz Hwy Aldercroft to Summit

3.4 mi

719 ft


San Jose Soquel Descent

11.1 mi

1,577 ft


San Jose Soquel – Summit to Gayles Bakery

11.6 mi

1,524 ft


San Jose Soquel. DH only, ending near Laurel Glen, (RXDX)

5.6 mi

1,356 ft


Granite Creek Climb

2.8 mi

598 ft


Granite Creek and Mtn Charlie

10.4 mi

1,770 ft


That false flat in the middle

1.2 mi

92 ft


Glenwood – Mt Charlie – To Summit

7.9 mi

1,289 ft


Mt. Charlie Road

1.1 mi

356 ft


Mt Charlie Climb

4.0 mi

1,084 ft


Old Santa Cruz Descent

2.5 mi

593 ft



Also, reminders:


The Climb and Coast Century is scheduled tentatively for June 11.


World’s Greatest 100 mile, 10K ft Climbing Cycling Route.



101 West Main Street., Los Gatos, CA 95030
101 West Main Street
Los Gatos, CA 95030, CA 95030 United States
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