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Route: Hwy 9, Skyline to Bear Creek, descend to Boulder Creek and back via Hwy 9

Where: Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company, 101 W Main Street, Los Gatos

When: 8:30 AM

Distance: 59.0 miles

Elevation gain: 6,352 ft

Route Files:

Ride Notes:

We haven’t been south towards Boulder Creek in quite some time and since the weather has cleared up and is supposed to be dry for a couple of days, we should have good conditions to ride SkyLine to Bear Creek then down into Boulder Creek and back via Hwy 9. When you arrive in Boulder Creek go to the usual gas station for refueling and bathroom. It’s our only refueling stop.

Any ride up Hwy 9 calls for the Red team to start at Peet’s on Homestead for the riders from the north. Black team coming from the usual LG Coffee shop. Converge at the Mt. Winery.

This ride should take right around 3h30m to 4hrs, so back by 12:30-1 depending on the length of the regroups.

I have to take my son to the airport Saturday morning so will not be able to ride. 


  • Mt. Winery – quick regroup with the riders from the North
  • Top Hwy 9 – quick regroup (those more than 10min back should form a rear echelon)
  • Top Bear Creek – quick regroup (and pictures)
  • Boulder Creek Gas Station – Drink and Bathroom
  • Top Hwy 9 – quick regroup
  • 6th St. – Last regroup




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