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LGBRC Saturday Ride 10/2: Climb and Coast Century


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 Something we didn’t do last year was the Climb and Coast Century, which in the Spring is entitled the Ides of [Month] and in the Summer Guns of August.  Some just realized it’s our chance now to do this epic ride in 2021, so here goes.

This classic started in 2014 when some people got the notion to swing back from Pescadero the hard way and a bunch of people devised the route.

The route’s spectacular, and it’s your only chance to do it.  It’s not practical to do on your own.  It’d be hard to round up others to do it.  It will probably never be an organized century ride.  So, it’s because we are a cohesive and capable club we can have this nice thing.

 Turns out the weather is pretty warm on Saturday, with high of 86 in Los Gatos, and 79 in Felton.

  The route starts with classic climb Highway 9, then North on Skyline to West Alpine with its sublime rolling hills/ocean view, descending to San Gregorio turning left on to Stage Road to Pescadero and maybe artichoke bread (around 11:00 AM).  Most rides have to head back at this point, but we venture onward and Southward to what’s otherwise undiscovered country on Cloverdale Road (which only 1/10 as many have ridden as eg 84 to Stage).  There’s some time on Highway 1, just enough  to get some beach views, then back inland on the much nicer Swanton. 

  After Swanton it’s back on Highway 1 to Davenport, where we’ll  have lunch at Whale City Bakery.   We usually pull in at 2:00 PM.  It’s sorta hard to have lunch at WCB, because it’s very crowded.  There’s a market there too, where Cliff Bars etc are available.  Stock up, because there’s a lot of bonking that’s occurred on the way back.

 Things get serious again after lunch, because then it’s the Bonny Dune climb (4.4 miles, 7% grade).   We will probably all be riding together up until this point, but now with fatigue and lots of climbing, it will be probably be most practical to form into forward and rear Elements. The next regroup is at Felton Covered Bridge County Park.  The forward Element will be getting water and using bathroom there, but eventually must go, confident that the Rear Element isn’t lost or in bad way.   So, if you are in the rear on Bonny Dune, find others and stick together so that when you get to Felton Covered Bridge you’re good whether the other riders are there or not.  No solo please, this remote area is no country for lone men.

Turning onto Bonnie Dune From Highway One.  Starts out easy enough! 

  It can get confusing after Bonny Dune, here’s a guide so no one gets lost.  Again.

The Felton-Empire Grade descent is the absolute best, save for the distress of knowing you’ve got to climb it all back. 

 Regroup in Felton not at the light, but head straight for the Felton Covered Bridge Park.  Bathroom and water!

 Only one more climb now, the familiar Zayante.  The handy Zayante Deli Market‘s half way up (but no bathroom).

Don’t regroup at Zayante and Skyline, but turn right on Skyline until you find

The descent is Mountain Charlie/OSC, and then counterclockwise around Lexington (longer, reservoir side). The unpaved LGCT’s not so dreaded now, because it ends triumphantly in town.  Probably about 5:00 PM.

For those without the time or fitness yet for a 100 mile century with 10,000 feet of climbing  there are some peel away shorter options,

  Skyline, turn right descend Page Mill loop back, 50 miles, 4963 ft climb.

 Find some others that are so opting, and form an element to head back with.


Previous versions:


 2014 Fly By, 2014., 2015, 2016 and  2016 (Guns of August), 2017, 2017 (Guns of August)  Moving time’s been around 6-1/2 to 7 hours, elapsed time 8-1/2 to 9-1/2 hrs.   So, that’s getting back around 5:00, it’s a long day!


When: 8:00 AM 

Where:  Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company, 101 W Main Street, Los Gatos


Name Distance Elev. Diff. Avg. Grade
Hwy 9 Massol/Montgomery to Daves 0.8 mi 92 ft 1.4%
Up Vickery 0.3 mi 44 ft 2.1%
Hwy 9 Climb – Saratoga to Skyline 6.7 mi 2,096 ft 5.9%
Hwy 9/Skyline from Saratoga to top of Page Mill 13.1 mi 2,158 ft 2.5%
Hwy 9 – Pierce to Top 5.4 mi 1,908 ft 6.6%
Hwy 9 Climb – Bridge to Redwood Gulch 2.2 mi 745 ft 6.2%
Hwy 9 Climb – Redwood Gulch to Skyline 3.0 mi 1,122 ft 7.0%
Skyline from Highway 9 to Page Mill 6.3 mi 618 ft -1.2%
Hit 50 mph 0.9 mi 278 ft -5.7%
West Alpine descent 7.3 mi 1,956 ft -4.6%
Alpine Rd. bump 0.8 mi 131 ft 2.8%
West Alpine descent 4.8 mi 1,723 ft -6.8%
Alpine – first descent 2.2 mi 711 ft -5.9%
Pescadero Rd – end of West Alpine to 84W 1.0 mi 100 ft -1.7%
84 – Pescadero to Stage 7.2 mi 275 ft -0.7%
Food to Food – San Gregorio to Pescadero 7.0 mi 405 ft -0.1%
Stage Rd heading south climb 1 1.4 mi 371 ft 4.7%
Stage SB fun 0.9 mi 319 ft -6.0%
Stage Rd Climb 1.0 mi 318 ft 5.8%
SV707 Godfather here we come 3.2 mi 399 ft -2.2%
Chamois Slammer 0.9 mi 253 ft -4.8%
Pescadero Sprint 2.2 mi 137 ft -1.1%
Cloverdale to Gazos 5.3 mi 224 ft 0.3%
Cloverdale Rd to Hwy 1 7.0 mi 263 ft -0.1%
Gazos Creek – Cloverdale to Hwy 1 2.0 mi 82 ft -0.7%
Swanton (N) 1.1 mi 333 ft 5.6%
Swanton TT (S) – Last Chance Rd to Swanton Berry 5.5 mi 476 ft -1.3%
Bonny Doon Rd (to Smith Grade) 2.9 mi 1,137 ft 7.3%
Bonny Doon to Martin Firehouse 4.4 mi 1,602 ft 6.8%
Bonny Doon Rd Climb 0.7 mi 379 ft 9.3%
Bonny Doon road first climb 1.5 mi 711 ft 8.5%
Bonny Doon First Steep Climb (to Smith Grade) 2.3 mi 1,085 ft 8.9%
Bonny Doon Rd Climb 1.0 mi 446 ft 8.2%
False Flat to Smith Sprint 0.3 mi 77 ft 4.7%
Martin Rd Climb 0.8 mi 276 ft 6.0%
Martin Road 1.6 mi 384 ft 3.8%
Ice Cream Grade Eastbound Climb 1.0 mi 335 ft 5.9%
Felton Empire Descent 3.3 mi 1,447 ft -8.1%
Felton Empire Rd Descent, lower half 2.0 mi 767 ft -7.2%
Zayante Climb Felton to Eagle Tree Lane 7.4 mi 757 ft 1.9%
Zayante Rollers 5.5 mi 273 ft 0.9%
Zayante to Store 2.7 mi 156 ft 0.8%
Zayante Official TBZ Climb via E Zayante 10.3 mi 1,560 ft 2.8%
zayante to summit rd tip top llama farm 11.4 mi 1,743 ft 2.8%
Zayante to Summit Rd. 8.6 mi 1,592 ft 3.5%
Sprinters hill 0.1 mi 10 ft 0.7%
Thank Your Mother for the Chickens & the Eggs 3.7 mi 551 ft 2.0%
Zayante Climb 5.1 mi 1,299 ft 4.8%
Zayante steep 0.7 mi 365 ft 9.4%
Zayante First Climb 0.4 mi 215 ft 9.2%
Sprint to Old Mount 0.1 mi 45 ft 6.2%
Upper E Zayante 2.5 mi 926 ft 6.8%
Marty Rd Climb 0.8 mi 486 ft 10.6%
Summit Rd Climb 1.2 mi 435 ft 6.7%
Summit Road 2.0 mi 213 ft 1.1%
Old Santa Cruz Descent 2.5 mi 593 ft -4.4%





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