LGBRC Saturday Ride 10/23: IBM, Santa Teresa, Willow Springs, Uvas, McKean, Redmond

Strava Route

Where: Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company, 101 W Main Street, Los Gatos

When: 8:00 AM

Distance: 63.13 miles

Elevation gain: 3,427 ft

Ride Notes:

This week’s ride may be affected by our suddenly not so predictable weather. The weather reports are saying things like, Atmospheric River Storms on the way, or Bay Area is on-target for a much needed soaking! Of course the rain is needed, but just not on Saturday mornings! However, we will not be deterred, we have a rain route, we can pull it out for this weekend. If it doesn’t rain, then it’s still a fun loop. 

As I write this on Wednesday it’s not known exactly how things will go.  The Uvas Reservoir Route features, to steal a phrase from Will, the ‘F word’, flexibility.  If conditions worsen, we can turn back early, at Camden,  Bailey, or Willow Springs.

Regroups.  Since this route is well known, there’s no getting lost, and less need for regroups.  Don’t multiply regroups beyond these.  There’s one BR/water break, at Calero Park, plan accordingly.  If you find yourself behind a front element, look behind you to form a rear element with other riders and work together.   What this ride is about is working together, riding fast, brisk, efficiency, high average speed, and getting back home surprisingly fast.  Oughta take 3.5 hours.

Calero Park is key, because it has BR and water.  Don’t stop at Uvas Reservoir, because it lacks water. Calero Park’s easy to miss, so remember:  There’s reprive at mile 45.

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