LGBRC Saturday Ride 10/9: Inaugural Social Ride

Strava Map

Where: Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company, 101 W Main Street, Los Gatos

When: 8:00 AM Distance: 36 miles Elevation gain: 2,500ft

Welcome to the first Saturday social ride. I heard that some folks don’t join the usual Saturday group ride because it is too long or too fast or too hilly or all of those 🙂 This is the ride for you.

If we have enough quorum for this ride, we might keep it happening more often.

Everybody is welcome to join, you need to be comfortable with the hills, descending at speed and riding in a group. I will be leading the ride from behind at an easy pace. My 14yr old son might join to keep me under control.

The faster riders are free to go at their own pace and instead of turning left on Santa Teresa after Bailey, I recommend them to climb Metcalf Rd and follow the longer and hilly route: https://www.strava.com/routes/7152672

We will have 3 short and nice climbs in this route: Kennedy, IBM Hill and Shannon.

Bring 2 water bottles, we will only stop for water at the gas station (21 miles in) before turning left on Bernal to climb IBM.


  • Shannon and Hicks
  • Bailey before turning left on Santa Teresa
  • At the bottom after climbing and descending IBM


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