LGBRC Saturday Special (11/20): Ring of Fire

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When: 8:30 AM
Where: Two start locations

  • 08:30 AM – Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company,101 W Main Street, Los Gatos
  • 08:45 AM – Alma Bridge Rd, after the Los Gatos Creek Trail, if you want to avoid the dirt part

Distance: 50 miles
Elevation gain: 9,500ft

This is the Saturday Special ride, keep reading for all the details.

We will have 2 start locations, the standard start at the coffee shop at 08:30 AM but most people like myself will be driving to Alma Bridge to avoid the dirt LGCT and waiting for everybody to be there by 08:45 AM.

This route is type II fun, we have 5 climbs, almost 10,000 ft of elevation in only 50 miles, but the best part is that you can abort the ride at any moment and you will be only 5 miles away from the start/end of the ride.

BUT the BEST part yet, I will park my car at the bottom of Black Rd climb with SNACKS and drinks. I meant homemade Brazilian snacks!! Full disclosure: if you are allergic to some specific food or have dietary restrictions, avoid it or don’t sue me later, try at your own risk.

How is the ride going to work? Where is the food ?

We will officially start at Alma Bridge Rd at 08:45 AM, climb Soda Springs Rd, then Old Santa Cruz Hwy to Summit Rd, turn around and ride it back down and meet at the bottom of Black Rd for refuelling with snacks and drinks, chat a little bit and start the 2nd part of the route.

Next climb is Bear Creek Rd, then Montevina and Black Rd. On the way down from Black Rd, there is a bonus climb in the route, turn right and ride Gist Rd to Skyline. From there we go back down to the car to finish the food and wrap it up.

Between Bear Creek, Montevina and Black climbs you can stop in my car at any moment to get more water or eat anything, that location was chosen to be in between the last 3 climbs for a reason 🙂

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