About Us

Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club (LGBRC) is  one of the most important and nationally awarded USA Cycling licensed clubs in the highly competitive Northern California/Nevada,   boasting approximately 100 members who predominately live and work in Silicon Valley, CA. LGBRC has a long history of racing and has developed many champions.  Over the past years we have prided ourselves in developing riders in our race team and the sport we love.

We are highly motivated amateur cyclists and have a common bond in our passion for cycling.

We dedicate ourselves to the success of our club in all areas of the sport: racing, promoting our sponsors and serving our local community.

The mission of the Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club (LGBRC) is to encourage, support, and develop competitive and recreational cyclists and cycling activities.

We are a 501(C)3 charity If you would like to support our mission and goals, you can DONATE HERE through Paypal.

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