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Members may email to request a link to the online store to purchase clothing directly from our Italian manufacturer, TEXmarket. The store will produce custom LGBRC clothing throughout most of the year depending on demand.

1. What is the purpose of LGBRC clothing?

Just like the professional teams, our clothing is traveling billboards promoting our sponsors. That is what the sponsors are paying for and that is what we are contracted to deliver. In a sense, we are also professionals. When you appear on the podium, when you train on Foothill Expressway, when you race the track or off road, you should be promoting our current very generous sponsors.

2. When should I wear team clothing?

You are supposed to wear team clothing every time you ride. It makes life a little easier. There is no wasted energy spent on thinking about “what to wear.” Albert Einstein used the same approach. He owned ten identical suits.

3. Why do I have to order clothing in advance?

This is only way to guarantee that you will receive team clothing on a timely basis.

4. When will the new shipment of clothing arrive?

The clothing usually arrives in early February or March just in time for the spring races.

5. Will the clothing be different each year?

Yes. The sponsors will change and there could be a totally new design.

6. Are older versions of LGBRC clothing OK for racing

Yes. USA Cycling does not prohibit the use of older team jerseys in races. This rule was strictly enforced years ago when you would have to cover old sponsors’ logos with duct tape! However, for certain events all team members’ clothing must match and to participate in our Race Rewards program, the latest kit is required. Therefore, it is highly recommended that members purchase a new kit each year.

7. Are our clothing costs good?

You bet they are! Comparable costs would be significantly higher. Check the shops and check the catalogues. For example, our jersey found on-line retails, based on number of colors and fabric, for over $200. The funny thing is that our clothing manufacturer makes their clothing! The LGBRC subsidizes the price of clothing and we do not make a profit on clothing.

8. Can I design the team clothing?

Yes, you could, if you incorporated team colors as determined by sponsorship. Our sponsors have logos that must be used “as is” because they are paying for it, and the customer is always artistically right.

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