Cherry Pie Crit: A race report from Alexis DeZubiria

Women 3
Our weekend itself was slammed with bike events. We had a NICA HS MTB race in Modesto that Ben coached on Saturday, a middle school MTB race, also in Modesto, that Ben also coached on Sunday and our own bike races on Monday. We camped with our tailor in napa at a campground literally 5 minutes away and it was nice being so close. We arrived at the venue at 7:30am, I did two laps of the course, and warmed up on the trainer. I was concerned with all of the cones and curbs but they turned out to be a non-issue. At the start AV started off hot, they were strong and knew how to take a fast corner and they were the only one with another teammate, everyone else was on their own, including myself. The course is a bike handler’s course and I enjoy pushing my bike through a turn. I was well suited for it. AV did a lot of time at the front, the C4 racer did her fair share of attacking and took one of the primes. I did pull in a break and brought the group back together. At the last lap, AV did a lead out really early, faded, and Terun took over. I stayed on Terun’s wheel and tried to come around and managed 2nd. Not bad.
From Lexi
Feb. 24, 2023
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