Livemore crit #1: A Race report from Alexis DeZubiria (Lexi) Feb. 12, 2023

I entered into two races; the Women’s 3s and the Women’s P/1/2/3.
Women’s 3: (5th/6th)
They grouped the W3s with the Women 40+ and it was a strong group. This race isn’t traditionally known to be fast, because it’s an early season race, and today it was. I managed to keep with the front group and every attack that was launched was soon pulled back in. With 2 to go, I took my pull at the front to keep it relatively strung out. I peeled off before the 2nd turn on the back end. On the bell lap, the peloton shattered and everyone was on their own into the finish line. I managed to cross the line in 6th place, and took 5th. The second finisher was actually the winner of the women’s 40+. Skyler with AV took the W. This race was so fast, I actually set a new FTP!!
Women’s 1/2/3: [DNP :(]
I had about 3 minutes worth of warm up here because ben was finishing up his race and I was with the girls. I got in what I got in and I quickly accepted that fate. The race started fast, too. Terun had a good presence (Alex Obrand, Ilan Laplante, May lou, and another I haven’t meet yet). AV and Revolution had some good contenders as well. Between Terun, AV, and Revolution, they were taking turns attacking the entire race in hopes something would stick. No break was ever established. I was on May’s wheel (Terun) with Less than 7 minutes to go and she just…sat up. I didn’t respond quickly enough and fell off, too. I decided not to chase as this race was excellent for exposure and speed. I was spent. Megan and I did not have a pre-race meeting and the gestures she was giving me in the race were not enough to understand what she wanted me to do. I did manage to get she wanted me to cover Marcy (Revolution), which I managed to do for a short while, and then I had nothing left. Phew. I’d like to have an actual pre race meeting with her before our we start.
Thank you!
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