Grinduro Gravel Win!

Justin and I raced the Grinduro gravel event in Mt Shasta this past weekend, and we each came away with the win in our categories (Pro men for Justin and 50-59 for me).  It is a somewhat unique format in that there are four timed stages spread throughout the 61 mile course.  The stages are diverse with a downhill gravel descent, a flat road section, a gravel climb, and a rolling single track.  There was something for everyone with the rest of the time spent riding with friends, looking at the views of Mt Shasta, and stopping at the aid and lunch stations!

We were able to work together on the flat road section, and each rider had their own strategy to focus on the stages where they could make up the most time on their competitors.  Justin won two of the four stages, with his time gap being the largest on the single track section where he finished 43 sections ahead of the next placed competitor.  Mountain bikers are fast on single track, even on a gravel bike with narrow 42mm WTB Resolute tires!

We would highly recommend this event with camping on super plush grass soccer fields, rider’s breakfast/lunch/dinner, and live bands on Friday and Saturday night!


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