Milquetoast Rain Route Sat. March 19

Leader: Spencer Rotan

Route: Milquetoast Rain Route with Peet’s (Peet’s pickup at 9:30)

Where: Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company, 101 W Main Street, Los Gatos

When: 8:30 AM (Los Gatos), 9:30 AM (Peet’s in Los Altos)

Distance: 41.47 miles

Elevation gain: ~2,400ft

Ride Notes:

In all likelihood, it will be raining all morning and afternoon this Saturday. The forecast is not promising. So, it’s the Milquetoast rain route, which is low traffic, humdrum, routine, and hill avoidant route. It’s also easily shortened, and if it gets really bad there’s easy recourse to home.


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