Race Report for Mendo Hopper plus upcoming dirt races

Hi Team,

Justin and I did our first race of the year with limited success, but we look forward to better fitness and improved luck in the weeks to come.  Justin was just behind the solo leader in the Pro race with a healthy 6 minute gap when he took a wrong turn just 3 miles from the finish.  An off-road vehicle had knocked over the course direction arrow and it had been replaced pointing in the wrong direction!  It took him a long time to realize the mistake and by then he decided to call it a day.  The direction arrow was then corrected for the later racers….
I started the race fast in the 40+ group and was with the leaders for the first 2 hours, until my limited fitness influenced by too much great powder skiing this winter let me down.  I suffered extreme leg cramping and soft pedaled in for 8th place, twenty minutes behind the 50-59 men’s winner.
Anyway, here is a list of future dirt race options and please let me know what you plan to attend!  Many of these fill up so make your plans now!
March 12 – CCCX MTB
March 19 –  CCCX MTB
March 26 – TBF MTB Champs, Folsom
April 1 – Fish Rock Gravel
April 1 – Vail Lake UCI, southern California
April 2 –  CCCX MTB
April 20-23 – Sea Otter
April 29 – Six Sigma Grasshopper
May 20 – Grinduro Gravel
May 21 –  CCCX MTB
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