Race Report TBF Mountain Bike Championships March 23 – plus upcoming dirt schedule

Hi Team,

Justin Peck at Mendo Hopper gravel race on 3/11/23
Justin Peck at Mendo Hopper gravel race on 3/11/23
Justin and I raced in Granite Bay last weekend on a slightly muddy course that tested our ability to sprint up short rises and corner in varying dirt conditions.  Justin finished 2nd in the Pro category and I was first in the 50+ expert division.  The start was one big group for all the pro/expert riders and I was able to hang with the leaders for the first half lap of the three lap event.  But the pace from Justin and others became too high, and I had to settle back to a more sustainable pace.
Justin timed his final attack at the end of the race to sprint in just ahead of USA Cycling development rider Griffin Hoppin, but neither of them could stay with pro cyclocross racer Ben Frederick to contest the win.
Here is some info on upcoming races and let me know if you plan to attend!  One change of note is that there is now a great XC race at Skyline Park in Napa on May 13, and there is another CCX on April 16.
April 1 – Fish Rock Gravel
April 1 – Vail Lake UCI, southern California
April 2 –  CCCX MTB
April 16 –  CCCX MTB
April 20-23 – Sea Otter
April 29 – Six Sigma Grasshopper
May 13 – Skyline XC, Nappa
May 20 – Grinduro Gravel
May 21 –  CCCX MTB
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