Ride Protocol and Ride Safety

A group ride typically occurs every Saturday, leaving from Mikes Bikes, 201 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos, CA 95030

Interested riders are welcome to drop in and join. Ride speed approximately maintains 15 MPH on flats. Riders should expect some hills.

Ride Protocol and Ride Safety


• Introduce yourself to new riders. If you’re a new rider, introduce yourself at the start of the ride.
• Roll out from the start/regroups gently so everyone has a chance to warm up and get going.
• Use hand signals and call out turns, stops and road obstructions.. Repeat the message through the group.
• Mechanicals: relay the message to the front. Help out the victim.. Wait for the victim at the next regroup.
• Ride paceline / 2×2 on the flats. Ride leader will initiate rotating paceline when the group desires.
• Follow behind the wheel in front to avoid the bunch spilling over the road.
• Don’t ride on the sidewalk at Peet’s
• If you leave a ride early, notify someone so the group doesn’t think they lost you

• Riders should carry Medical ID that contains your name and emergency contact information. Additional helpful information includes any medical history. Two IDs are preferable.
• Riders should always wear a helmet. Riders are encouraged to wear a helmet on LGBRC rides and riders are discouraged from riding with LGBRC groups if they don’t wear a helmet.
• Riders are always responsible for their own safety. If you feel uncomfortable riding with the group, gently move to the rear of the group.
• Look for yourself for cars and other road users, and OBEY TRAFFIC rules – you are responsible.
• Do NOT cross the center line. You will be asked to leave the ride if you do so.
• If you’re new to group riding, make this known to the ride leader and ask for help.
• Protect your front wheel, do not cross wheels.
• Do not make sudden lateral movements at any time.
• Be gentle on brakes so as not to suddenly stop in front of someone.
• No Aero Bar use

Non Member Rider Release Form

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