Saturday Ride 4/9: Standard Reservoir Route

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The storied default LGBRC Saturday Ride, inherited from way back.  Has everything you need, with great efficiency.

Regroups.  Since this route is well known, there’s no getting lost, and less need for regroups.  Don’t multiply regroups beyond these.  There’s one BR/water break, at Calero Park, plan accordingly.  If you find yourself behind the group in front (this happens on the Uvas/McKean return) look behind you to form a rear element with other riders and work together. What this ride is about is working together, riding fast, brisk, efficient, high average speed, and getting back home surprisingly fast.

  •  16.7 miles    Bernal at Golf Course Lane (through the residential maze by the golf course to avoid the flats on that rough section of Santa Teresa).

Calero Park is key, because it has BR and water.   Calero Park’s easy to miss, so remember:  There’s reprieve at mile 45.

Weather looks good.  They’ll be NW wind on the way back.

When: 8:30 AM

Meet-up: 101 West Main, Los Gatos




Elev. Diff.

Avg. Grade

Kennedy climb from S. Kennedy

1.2 mi

322 ft


Valley Quail – Quail View to Spring Hill

0.5 mi

42 ft


IBM Hill

1.2 mi

440 ft


Willow Reverse – Santa Teresa to top

1.3 mi

322 ft


Willow Springs

0.7 mi

292 ft


Sycamore (steep side)

0.3 mi

154 ft


Sycamore (the steep bit)

0.2 mi

176 ft


Uvas/McKean – Parking Lot to Harry

13.8 mi

411 ft


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