Water Bottles For Sale

Water Bottles


Your beautiful custom Specialized Pure Taste water bottles are here!

Here is the cost breakdown including the 9% Morgan Hill sales tax, regardless of size (e.g., 22 or 26 oz):

  1. $10 for one bottle (retails >$12)
  2. $15 for two bottles ($7.50 each)
  3. $20 for three bottles ($6.67 each)
  4. $25 for four bottles ($6.25 each)
  5. Then $5 each for every additional bottle

The bottles are available for pickup only at our home at the very top of the Cat’s Hill.  Here is a map to our house: www.lgbrc.org/gordonmap

Please e-mail me as to when you want to come over.  We look forward to seeing you in person again and/or meeting one of our 21 new LGBRC members for the first time!

Cash or LGBRC check please.

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