August Leadership Team Meeting

The Leadership Team (Board, Race Directors, and Committee Chairs) held the August meeting today.  Some highlights:

  • Club Picnic is September 3 from 3-5 at El Quito Park (Link)
  • Vafels is providing the club a 30% discount code ‘SUPERTRAININGVAFELS’ which you can use to purchase Vafels on
  • Dirt Race Team update:
    • Cyclocross schedules are out and Chris will be sending a separate email
    • Justin has been asked to represent USA Cycling for U23 national team races!!
  • The Woman’s Elite Race Team has a number of events coming up:
    • Athlone time trial in Le Grand, CA on September 2 (Link)
    • Giro de San Francisco on September 4 (Link)
    • Winters road race in Winters, CA on September 10 (Link)
    • Oakland Grand Prix on September 17 (Link)
  • NCNCA is looking for a Traffic Engineer to help with traffic planning
    • This is becoming a requirement for many cities in order to host a race
  • Please join us Saturday and/or Sunday for group rides from Mike’s Bikes in Los Gatos
    • Arrive by 8:30, wheels rolling by 8:35
  • Clothing Committee and Member Engagement Committee are both in need of someone to lead them
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