Feb. 15, 2020 -Valley of the Sun –

Submitted by Eleanor Wiseman

2nd day of Valley of the Sun Stage race was a success! The road race was spicy from the get go. We had a plan and everyone executed it and gave it their all. Our team chased attacks throughout the race and Melanie Wong sprinted for 3rd! And Steph Sydlik and Eleanor Wiseman finished top 10, Lisa Cordova did an awesome job chasing things down, Samantha Quijano had a great sprint and Jaimee Erickson and Jen Wilson got caught behind a crash but finished strong! As always, Arielle Little and Michael Cordova made sure we had everything we needed.

One more podium! Next up: crit day!

@squeejano @jenwilson521 @jaim4 @passedbyagirl @stefsydlik @eleanor.wiseman @cordova.lisa

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