Feb. 16, 2020 -Valley of the Sun –

Submitted by Eleanor Wiseman

Last post for Valley of the Sun:

What a weekend! We did it! For our first stage race together, it was a success! The team worked hard to keep our GC leader’s position AND do well in the crit on Sunday with JenWilson covering attacks and even making it in a break and Melanie Wong getting us 4th in an intense field sprint. We came to play bikes, helped make it hard for everyone and are proud of our presence in a stacked pro field. Total hardware for this weekend: 3rd in TT, 3rd in RR and 4th in crit. We managed to keep our GC leader Stef Sydlik in 3rd in GC and Eleanor Wiseman 9th in GC. We can’t wait for the next one!

@stefsydlik @passedbyagirl @cordova.lisa @mike8cordova @jenwilson521 @jaim4 @eleanor.wiseman @squeejano @lillearielle

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