Tour of the Gila – Stage 1

Stage 1 – Mogollon Road Race

Today, everyone was a bit nervous about the tactics after an intense Redlands experience. The team made the decision to not go for Sprint jersey because none of us have done this race before, and we have not raced as a team (3 guest rider additions who have never raced in pro fields before). The race ended up being a very positive experience for all of us to learn pack skills, feeding skills, and teamwork under the picturesque southwestern landscape of mountain Yucca, rusty ranch homes, and a beautiful climb. The race unfolded as a non-aggressive lull through the descent and valley with fireworks going when we reached the final climb.  Perhaps everyone wanted one more rest day after Redlands; we were not complaining.

Lisa and Eleanor are out of the GC contention, but we will look for individual stage opportunities and learning opportunities for our guest riders.


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