November Leadership Team Meeting


The Leadership Team (Board, Race Directors, and Committee Chairs) held the November meeting today.  Some highlights:

  • Committee chair updates
    • Alexis will take over Social Media Committee
    • Barry will now lead the Sponsorship Committee and Membership Committee
      • Basically we formalized what he currently does
    • Ben will take over Group Ride Committee
  • Zealios provided a special discount and several on the Leadership team took advantage
    • Another 40% discount code will be offered early next year
    • Our club gets a 25% discount on all orders
  • Dirt Team update
    • Justin P won his third race in a row!!
    • Several racing opportunities coming up, see email from Chris Peck (Dirt Race Team Director)
  • Several members from the 2022 Woman’s Team are returning for 2023, but spots are still open
  • The Board selected TEXmarket to provide the 2023 kit
    • TEXmarket makes cycling clothing under several brands
    • Ben has been testing different versions of the product line and is happy with the quality
    • We expect a significant discount over our previous supplier
    • A fitting session will be held soon (most likely this weekend)
    • Ordering will open sometime around December 12
  • Election Results were announced, congratulations to the 2023 Board:
    • President: Arun Sharma
    • Vice President: Chris Twiggs
    • Secretary: Mark Thompson
    • Members at Large: Megan Brinkmeyer and Salvatore Talarico
  • The Leadership team will meet again in January
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