RIDE ETIQUETTE: https://lgbrc.org/ride_protocol.html    

         •  Introduce yourself to new riders. If you’re a new rider, introduce yourself at the start of the ride.

•  Roll out from the start/regroups gently so everyone has a chance to warm up and get going.

•  Use hand signals and call out turns, stops and road obstructions. Repeat the message through the group.

•  Mechanicals: relay the message to the front. Help out the victim. Wait for the victim at the next regroup.

•  Ride paceline / 2×2 on the flats. Ride leader will initiate rotating paceline when the group desires. 

•  Follow behind the wheel in front to avoid the bunch spilling over the road.

•  Don’t ride on the sidewalk at Peet’s

•  If you leave a ride early, notify someone so the group doesn’t think they lost you


• Please carry ID just in case. 

• Riders must wear a helmet.  Riders are encouraged to wear a helmet on LGBRC rides and riders are discouraged from riding with LGBRC groups if they don’t wear a helmet.  

• Riders are always responsible for their own safety.  If you feel uncomfortable riding with the group, gently move to the rear of the group.

• Look for yourself for cars and other road users, and OBEY TRAFFIC rules – you are responsible.

• Do NOT cross the center line. You will be asked to leave the ride if you do so.

• If you’re new to group riding, make this known to the ride leader and ask for help.

• Protect your front wheel, do not cross wheels.

  • Do not make sudden lateral movements at any time.

• Be gentle on brakes so as not to suddenly stop in front of someone.

• No Aero Bar use.

Non – Members:

LGBRC welcomes non-members to join us on our rides.  However, non-members must have a Waiver on file with the club.  Blank forms may be found on our website at:


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